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  • We provide price guarantees with our pricing method, ensuring that your final contract and your actual costs are the same.

  • We provide a hybrid of fixed costs and allowances and work with our clients to create a realistic completion cost. 

  • We utilize our Open Invoice System following Chicago Title and Trust's Tracking System.

  • We stand behind our pricing.  Unrealistically low bids can be misleading and can result in extras that significantly increase project costs.

  • We focus on the details.  Details are often left out of construction contracts and ultimately increase completion costs.  Extras often run 20%-60% over actual bids. 

Our Innovative Approach Provides our Clients with Unsurpassed Solutions, Service, and Value









Go Green and Save Green with 3cc Chicago and 

​Deconstruction, Geothermal, and Eco-Insulation 

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