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Icynene is an eco-friendly, highly efficient insulation system that reduces heating and cooling operating expenses. 

Benefits of Icynene Insulation from 3cc Chicago


Reduced Heating and Cooling Operating Costs

Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, Icynene expands to fill gaps which eliminates air transfer and provides ongoing savings.


Superior Effectiveness
Icynene outperforms traditional fiberglass insulation which loses effectiveness when exposed to moisture.  Icynene acts as a natural vapor barrier, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate, and won't support mold growth.

No Off-Gases

Unlike conventional polyurethane spray foams which are made from petroleum and produce off-gases, Icynene's source is Castor-oil plants which produce no off-gases and are easy on the environment as they require no pesticides.


Green Stamp of Approval

Icynene received The National Green Building Standard's 'Green Stamp of Approval'.

Our Innovative Approach Provides our Clients with Unsurpassed Solutions, Service, and Value









Go Green and Save Green with 3cc Chicago and 

​Deconstruction, Geothermal, and Eco-Insulation 

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